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Over 45 years clinical experience, of which 25 abroad. Individual assessment for each patient. Combination of traditional medicine and complementary medicine approach for precise diagnosis and most appropriate treatment. 22 scientific papers in the field of nephrology. Training by AHA (American Heart Association), ACLS, ATLS, PALS etc. Registration as a Medical practitioner with AHPC (RSA) and IMC (Ireland).

“People suffer illness because they do not have love in their life and are not cherished”

Sun Si-Miao (590-682 C.E.) from Tang dynasty


Family medicine

Complementary medicine




He completed his medical education at the Medical School-Sofia, Bulgaria.


He became a registrar in medicine and nephrology and successfully completed his training. He practiced as a specialist nephrologist at Department of nephrology, Medical School-Sofia.He was a principal consultant nephrologist.


He immigrated to South Africa (RSA) – Johannesburg. He practiced in various teaching hospitals in Gauteng Province as a consultant nephrologist. Later he opened his private practice in the field of family and Chinese medicine.


In the end of 2008 he came back shortly to Bulgaria and then he left to Republic of Ireland, where he practiced mainly as a family practitioner. From 2011 he was a Medical Officer in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan via International Medical Company, treating mainly expats. Since 2015 he is back in Bulgaria and works as a specialist nephrologist and medical practitioner in various medical centers as well as his private practice in Bojurishte, near Sofia.


Dr. Veselin Milkov

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